Malo Owners Insurance Policy

Malo Yachts UK insurer, Curtis Marine Insurance have written a tailor-made policy for Malo Owners.  As we all as a discounted premium for customers of Malo Yachts UK, there are many benefits included in the policy which takes into account the very high build quality of your Malo, the equipment fitted on board and the type of sailing you are likely to be doing.  Click the link below for a full list of the benefits and contact details for Curtis Marine.
Curtis Marine Insurance

Accessories and Spare Parts

Contact Malö Yachts UK for accessories and spare parts for your Malö.

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Brokerage Yachts

We have a changing sleection of used yachts for sale, specialising in premium cruising yachts, using our experience of the yachts and the market to help you buy, sell, own, repair, deliver and maintain your yacht.  Please contact us to disucss how we can help.

Malö 46 Galley
Malö 46 Sailing
Malö Detail